Sunday, November 1, 2015

Halloween with the Jackson Branch

The Halloween party at the Jackson Branch is a really big event!  They have a chili cook-off, a bake-off, costume contest, trunk or treat with trunk decorating contest and costume contest.  Our favorite youngster in the Branch (Zion Cruise) won the kid's costume contest with his Wizard costume.  Shandi Wilbur who is actually Zion's aunt won the adult contest with her Statue of Liberty costume. You can see her son Kye waving behind her. Shandi's older son came as Abe Lincoln although he had taken the beard off before I got the picture.  The men competed in the chili cook-of and the women competed in the bake-off.  There sure was a lot of really good food.
Wanda Rowe, although she came dressed as a Ghost Buster, really was Wonder Woman.  She had hip replacement surgery on Monday and came to the party on Friday.  She was determined not to miss the party and she didn't,  although she definitely over-did it and was pretty miserable the next day.
Another two of our favorite people are Maydelma Cruise (Zion's mom) and her sister Magnolia.  They are from the Phillipines and moved here when Maydelma married Jason.  Their widowed mother came and joined them later here and she is a delight also.
Saturday night during Trick or Treating we got to see one of the women who helped us with prep-work at the courthouse.  She brought her daughter, Willow, trick or treating so we got to have a fun visit with her again before we have to leave.  Another girl that helped us came by earlier in the day to look at a bed we are giving to her.  She is getting married the day we leave and we knew she had been sleeping on an air mattress on the floor of her apartment so we offered her the bed and she came to look at it.  It was great to see her again and we got to meet her fiance'.  We told him how lucky he was to get her and he agreed with us.  She is starting school to become a nurse and has really done well at turning her life around.
We had one re-work come back and we finished it last week.  We have our fingers crossed that it will pass this time since we don't have time left for another re-work.  Hopefully the audit on it will come back by mid-week this week as passed and we can pack up the equipment and get it sent back to Salt Lake; that will be a big job but Elder Miller and Elder Lundgren said they would help.
 As much as we are excited to see our family again it is hard to leave the wonderful people here.
We went to the Columbus Temple last Thursday and got to see the Grammers again since they work at the temple.  After doing an endowment session we did a sealing session that Brother Grammer officiated in.  David had never done a sealing session before so it was a great experience. The Temple is about two hours away so going is pretty much an all day event.
We are so glad we got to serve this mission.  It has been such a wonderful experience.  It has been the perfect mission for us.  Heavenly Father really knows what he is doing when he assigns missions.  We came on the perfect mission to the perfect place.  I know Heavenly Father needs senior missionaries so  desperately.  There are not enough couples with papers in to fill all of the positions that need to be filled. If we hadn't been able to finish our work there would have been no one to draw from to replace us. That must be why we were blessed to be able to complete our work so fast.
Two weeks from yesterday we will be back in Utah with all of our loved ones there.  It seems like we just barely left.  Wow, does time fly when you are busy doing the Lord's work.
Thank you, everyone for supporting us in this great adventure! We never could have done what we have done without your prayers!  We are so grateful!  Start planning now to serve your own senior missions!  You will be so incredibly joyful if you do!
Pray for good weather for us for the drive home.  We love you and we will see you soon!