Thursday, September 24, 2015

Probate Records Completed

 September has been an especially great month for us.  On the Saturday before Labor Day all of the senior missionaries were invited to the mission president's home for a barbeque and to watch the BYU football game.  The mission president and his wife are seated at the front of this picture. We certainly enjoyed the socializing and especially the great game! We have really missed BYU football.
Then the next weekend we went back to Marietta to prepare for the work we have to go back and do there.  We were concerned about moving the camera again because it is such a pain and all of the equipment doesn't really fit in our car. We weren't expecting to be able to bring the books here to McArthur because courts are very protective of their records and seldom ever allow them to leave their courthouses.  As we were visiting with Judge Lane Brother Grammer asked him about taking the books to McArthur to digitize.  We were amazed when he agreed saying he had complete trust in us. What a great blessing that will be to not have to move the camera!
Judge Lane invited us to his home that sits right on the Ohio River Saturday night for a barbeque and to watch the fireworks since that weekend was the Sternwheeler Festival. The fireworks were wonderful last year and because this is a fifth year they were promised to be even better.  It was a wonderful evening and the fireworks were amazing! The photo is taken from his deck.
This last Tuesday we finished the Probate Records we were originally sent here to do.  The Common Pleas field order came in and we have now started the Common Pleas work.  We anticipate finishing it in about 4 weeks.
David's eye is doing better and he is back in full swing helping me digitize. That's another great blessing!
Our mission has gone so fast we can't believe it is almost over. We sure are excited about seeing everyone again although we will miss beautiful Ohio and our wonderful friends here.  We have enjoyed our mission so much we are already talking about the next one.
Thank you all for your prayers.  They got us through having enough help to finish the prep work as we asked.  We have felt many prayers have been answered for us as we have needed them.  The blessings we were promised when we were set apart have all been fulfilled. We are so grateful!

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