Saturday, July 4, 2015

Fourth of July, Tecumseh and Tornado

We've had a fun and busy time since our last post. the picture on the right is of the Tecumseh Pageant that we got to serve at as Ushers. The pageant has been done by the community of Chillicothe for many years and the Saints there have gotten involved in giving service for it. David and I helped to clean the seats and then sell programs. Then we got to watch the drama which was a really wonderful depiction of the story of Tecumseh. As yo can see it is set in a gorgeous setting.  The actors ride horses and shoot cannons so it is very exciting. 

On the fourth of July the Branch had a breakfast that the Priesthood cooked and served.  They did a great job with pancakes and eggs and sausage and biscuits and gravy.  The Branch President made all the biscuits and everything was delicious.  There was a great turn out with lots of non-members.

After over a year in Ohio we still can't get over how beautiful it is here.  We marvel at the beauty every time we we go anywhere.  Here are pictures of what we see alongside the road everywhere we go. We have to thank Heavenly Father constantly for creating such a beautiful earth for us.
Do you remember the cattle ranch we showed you a few blogs ago with the pond in the back yard?  Last week that ranch was hit with a tornado.  Luckily it didn't hit the house or the barns but just took out trees and fences, etc.  Duane said some of the trees were twisted like pretzels. Sandy's flowers she has worked so hard on in the yard were pretty badly damaged but she was able to salvage most of them.  The Sister missionaries have been out helping her.  The fences they haven't even been able to get to yet because of the high
water and debris.
David is slowly seeing better and is able to work at the camera again for short periods, so that has been a great blessing.  Help with prep work has slowed way down again, however, and we have had to have down time on the camera again to do prep work.
We still expect to finish the probate work by the end of September and still haven't heard anything on the Common Pleas field order.  That's not surprising, field orders can be slow in coming.
We have heard that the Church has put out a plea for more Family History Missionaries.  We think that is good news!  That means more places are opening up for our work to be done.  We sure love what we are doing!  This has been such a great opportunity for us!  We would heartily encourage anyone to do what we are doing!
We love and miss our family so much!  We sure appreciate your love and support and prayers.  We know your prayers make a difference for us so please keep them up!  We are praying for you, too!


  1. yeah, what Nacole said. oh, & check out facebook, I posted a bunch of pics from our trip in phoenix but mostly our drive back.