Sunday, July 19, 2015

Celebrating Pioneer Day in Ohio

It seems that Pioneer Day get's celebrated in the Wards and Branches outside of Utah in a bigger way than in Utah.  Our celebration in Jackson was great fun!  Duane Plymale dressed up as Porter Rockwell and told great stories.  He did this when the youth went on trek here, too.  He made a great Porter and told many great stories that were enlightening as to Church history,  I learned a lot.  Out Branch combined with the Chillicothe Ward for the celebration so the turn out was huge and the youth got to associate with many friends and all had a really fun time.  There were games outside but the kids seemed to enjoy most just pushing and pulling each other around in the handcart.
We were lucky that we had a dry day for the event.  We have had about three weeks straight of severe thunder storms and even flooding in places.  The Jackson missionaries got flooded into their apartment complex last Thursday and couldn't drive their pick-up out.  It was Zone Meeting that day so the Missionary couple there had to rescue them to drive them to Zone meeting.  We have been lucky here in McArthur that we haven't been flooded although the yard two doors down from us was about four inches under water.  We have had about 24 inches of rain since May.  The ground is so saturated everywhere it just won't hold anymore.
A week ago Friday I got a call from John DeJong from Family search asking me to inventory the Common Pleas records prior to 1900 and email the list to him.  I worked on that most of this last week and it turned out to be four pages (type written) long. Every book or record had to have the date range of the book or record and the number of pages.  The books and records were in three different places in the courthouse.  In the basement location I was standing in water to do the inventory.  Because of the heavy rains water was seeping in through the foundation and on the back isle where most of the books I needed were there was standing water, but it didn't stop me. I finished the inventory and got it sent on Thursday.  I have no way of knowing what will be approved but I expect there will be enough to fill another full year to 18 month mission for some one.  We will see what comes back but I expect it will be much more than we could do even if we did extend so for now my expectation is that we won't extend. We still aren't getting even close to the help we need for the prep work so please pray for us that that will improve.  If we could keep the camera going we could finish this project in another seven weeks and get started on the Common Pleas project.
When we came home from the courthouse Friday we found our shower door in tiny pieces on the floor.  There was nothing there that could have fallen or hit it and there was no sign of anyone being in the house while we were gone.  It was the craziest thing we had ever seen.  It seemed to have shattered for no reason.  Has anyone ever heard of this kind of thing happening before?  I swept up and scooped up all the glass I could and then David went in with the vacuum.  As he was vacuuming I was just about to warn him about the toilet paper roll hanging down almost to the floor but it was too late.  In an instant, all that was left was the cardboard core.  I had to leave the bathroom and go out to the living room so he couldn't know I  was laughing so hard I was crying.  It wasn't his moment to see the humor in it!  We love and miss you all so much!  We can't believe the time has gone so fast and we are so close to coming home. David is getting trunky already!  Keep up the prayers!  They make such a difference!  Thank you for supporting us while we do this, we know it is a family effort!  Your part is just as important as ours!  Thank you so so much!

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