Saturday, June 13, 2015

Summer in Ohio

It's been a good week for us here in McArthur.  David got most of the lazier work done on his left eye on Wednesday. The bad news was that there is still enough blood in the eye that the Doctor couldn't cauterize all of the blood vessels that he needed to and David will have to go back in two months when the rest of the blood should be gone to do the rest of them. David is slowly getting more vision back but it  will be a while before he can help on the camera again.  He is able to do the unfolding of the documents and the ironing so he is still very much contributing to the effort here.  We have been getting more help with the prep work now for which we are very grateful.  We are now thinking we actually might finish the probate project before the end of our mission.  The process has begun, however, to approve the common pleas books for digitizing.  We will see how that goes.
These pictures are taken from vouchers from the late 1800's. I have loved the pictures on them.  They are few and far between but I have started collecting pictures of them just because I like them so much.  There is really quite a variety of them and I find them so enjoyable. Notice the stamp that is on the upper one.  We see these stamps every once in a while.  There are a couple of different kinds of stamps. This one is a treasury stamp.  There are also exchange stamps.  I have yet to learn what they were used for.  I need to find time to look it up.  We have been coming across the Sherwood and Arnett names in the work we have been doing in Vinton County. For you Sherwoods and Arnetts, let us know if any of your ancestry goes back into this area. So far we haven't come across any Kidman's or Clement's in Ohio.  We have seen Wallace's, though.
We must be doing pretty good in our productivity because last week when I was talking to our supervisor he thanked us for how well we were doing and told us that because of our numbers, and a few other like us, that even though several cameras were down and several missionaries were having problems with health issues, Family Search was still meeting their goals. Even though I'm working straight through on my own I'm getting on average 1700-2000 images a day.  With single capture that is pretty good.  We were told we could expect to get 5000 a week, so I'm exceeding that by quite a bit.
 This picture of the little note is actually on the back of a receipt from a case probating a will and is only about 1 1/2"x 2 1/2" in size. I discovered when I turned it over to have the sweetest love note written on the back. If you can't read it, it says, "My heart to you is given, O do give yours to me.  We will lock them up together." We will really never know who it was to or from or why it was written on the back of a receipt but it's preserved forever now!  It made my day just to read it!
 David and I love to take the little side trips from our errands to see the lakes now and then. Lake Alma is our favorite and the waterlilies are blooming a little bit now. You can see how beautiful and peaceful it is.
We are in the thunderstorm season now and twice now we have been caught driving in rain that is so heavy it is like driving in a white at blizzard back home.  You can't see the road even a few feet in front of you, the rain is that heavy.  It can rain 3" in one hour.  Luckily the storms never last very long but pass over quite quickly usually, Thank you, again for all your prayers!  They definitely make a difference! I could never stand at the camera all day without your prayers, I know that for sure! We love and miss you so much but we are so grateful we get to be here doing the work we are doing.  We know it is the Lord's work and it is so important.  Many people are even coming into the church thru family history lately. Missionaries use it as a tool.  We feel so lucky to be involved!