Thursday, April 2, 2015

Conference in Charleston and Finishing Up in Marietta

 On the 21st and 22nd of March we had a special conference in Charleston with D. Todd Christofferson and two of the Seventies.  On Saturday morning they met with just the missionaries.  At the beginning of the meeting Elder Christofferson had every single missionary come up and shake hands with him. We weren't expecting that!  It was pretty special! He did the same thing on Sunday only with the children and youth.  Saturday he did a question/answer session with the missionaries.  The missionaries asked really good good questions like how to keep the Spirit in sometimes trying companionships and how to get the most out of scripture study time.
On Sunday he told a funny story about when his kids were small and they knelt for family prayer and just as they were about to say the prayer someone pulled the string on the back of Darth Vader and a voice was heard saying, " Your lack of faith disturbs me."  He said the family lost it so bad that there was no bringing them back and they had to send the kids to bed without prayer that night.  Elder Christofferson left us with an amazing apostolic blessing and told us we could start the millennium now!
During our short visit to Charleston we visited the Capitol building and museum.  The Capitol building is magnificent and Capitol square is huge. There must be a dozen buildings comprising Capitol square.  Of course the history of the area out here is so comprehensive covering wars, Indians, industry, women's suffrage, bootlegging, transportation, etc.

We have moved back to the courthouse now and hope to finish up by next Wednesday with the Poll Books.  They have been some of the most difficult records we have done so far.   These picture are of ones that are in very good shape but they show the kinds of records they are.  Only men could vote during these times so only men's names are on these records.  The paper they are on are so brittle that they crumble just by our unfolding them.  They stared in 1816 and go to 1863.  There are a lot of stains in the papers and a lot of fading of the inks.  There must have been quite a variety of inks they used because some faded and some stayed bright.  Most of the tally sheets are done with the four vertical lines and the fifth diagonal line but  I've seen a couple of tally sheets with dots.
It makes you appreciate how far we've come with technology and the way voting is done today.  We watch on TV and know everything across the country as it happens.
On Thursday we hope to pack everything up and Friday morning we leave for McArthur.  Our new address will be 104 N Pearl St. McArthur, OH 45651.  We will miss the wonderful people we have made friends with here but we know we will make new wonderful friends in McArthur.  We will drive about 25 miles to church in Jackson where we understand there are Sister missionaries assigned and another missionary couple.  It is a Branch so we expect it will be small.  McArthur and Vinton County are so small that there isn't even a grocery store.  Athens is about 25 miles east, though and will have everything we could want.
I finally got a picture of one of the squirrels here.  They are everywhere!  We will take pictures when we get to McArthur.  We can't wait to tell you about Lake Hope!  We love you and miss you!

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