Tuesday, March 10, 2015

First Baptism in Spencer and Marching Orders to Vinton

 It was so exciting to have the first baptism in many years in Spencer!  In the picture is Elder Wilkenson, Samuel, and Elder Hadfield.  Samuel was baptized on March 1st. Interestingly enough, it was Family History that first interested Sam in the church!  He is such a fantastic young man!  The following Saturday the Spencer Branch had its "Family Discovery Day".  We had a great turn out and even had some non-members come from the local genealogy library.  Everyone got on laptops and got on familysearch.org and had fun playing with the website. It was a very helpful event for everyone, I think.
One of the somewhat newly activated sisters did a demonstration on indexing when she had only been indexing for one week herself.  It was awesome!  She did a great job!
The missionary effort in Spencer is really going great.  These two missionaries are really working hard!
At the Library we have finished the Tax Records and are now doing the Obituaries. Yesterday we got a new field order for the poll books that are back at the Courthouse.  It looks like there is about a weeks worth of work in the poll books.  We have been told there are other things that have been approved but the field orders haven't come  through.  Also yesterday we got a call from our supervisor that the plans are for us to be in Vinton County in three weeks.  That made our heads spin!  We don't know if that means the other projects we have been told are not coming through or just what the situation is.  It will be interesting to see where we are in three weeks!
We've lost two days work in the last two weeks.  Last week we lost a day to bad weather.  We went in to work and no one showed up to open the Library.  The storm was so bad that no one could get in to open it.  Then this week it is closed today while they re-tile the entry to the Library.  It's frustrating to lose the time but there is nothing we can do about it so we just use our time the best we can. (I do a lot of indexing.)
The picture on the left is David and Elder Wilkinson.  David and Elder Wilkinson's Grandmother, Kathy Orr, went to school together. Elder Wilkinson wanted a picture to send home to his Grandmother. Everywhere we go David runs into people he knows.  Even out here it happens all the time.
Last week, the day the Library did't open, we had the biggest snow storm Marietta has had in 12 years. Of course, all of the schools and colleges were closed but even the Mall closed!  Many of the restaurants and other businesses closed.  It's so interesting to see how different things are here than in Utah when it storms.  But the conditions here are different, too.  In Utah it storms in the night and morning this time of year and by the afternoon it is gone. Not here!  Here the snow turns to ice and lasts for days or weeks.
Now, a week after that storm, the temperatures have risen a good 30 degrees.  This week temperatures are in the 50's and the snow is melting fast. I can't wait for the trees to turn green. already I can see green in the grass.
We are so excited for our Stake Conference coming up on the 22nd of March. Elder L. Todd Christofferson is coming and bringing 2 of the Seventies with him.  How awesome is that?  Then the next week is the Women's Conference and the week after that is General Conference.  Can a person go into a spiritual coma?  I'm so excited I don't know if I can handle it all!  The only thing that could make it better is if we could all be together for it all.
We love and miss you all so much!  We hope you are indexing!  We and other missionaries like us are adding over a million records a day that need to be indexed!  If you don't know how, learn!  It's easy and fun!  Soon I will have done 50,000 records!  If I can do it so can you!