Monday, February 2, 2015

Move to the Genealogy Library

This is our new place of work.  It is the Genealogy Library in Marieta. It is only a block and a half from where we live, so now we dash home for lunch which is very nice!  We figure we have about two months of work to do here. The largest project here is Treasurers Duplicates which are tax records.  There are  books of those. Then we will do Obituaries for four different newspapers from the area dating back to the 1800's.
Our move here was full of challenges.  We came the day before the move (Tuesday) to let them know we were
 coming and they said, "Oh-Oh, We sent your table somewhere else.  We'll try to get it back." So we spent Wednesday morning packing up all of the equipment hoping they would get the table by the time we got there,  The missionaries came  to help us with the move. (We love them so much!) When we got there, still no table to set the camera framework up on.
Then we ask about the internet connection and find out there is only Wifi to the area where we are supposed to set up.  We could go get an adapter but the closest place to get one that is to the specifications we need is an hour away, Also, that adapter will cost about $80,  Another option is to set up in the upstairs office where we can hook up directly into the internet. We decide to try for that option and carry the equipment up the narrow stairs.  As we try to set up the framework on the table in the upstairs office we quickly find that the ceiling is much too low to accommodate the framework.
The Facilities Manager is working with us and we decide at this point that we have a few options.  We can get a table that lowers (if it lowers enough), from the main library across the street, or we can position the table so that the piece of framework that needs the height goes up the attic opening in the middle of the room, or we can cut a hole in the ceiling. By this time it's the end of the day and we decide to all go home and sleep on it.

 The next morning the Facilities Manager had the lower table there and we got the framework on the table with about a half an inch to spare. You can see in the picture how close the clearance really is. The silver lining to the problem is now we are sitting to digitize instead of standing.
Another interesting problem was that the floor next to the windows in front of David were almost 1 1/2" lower
 than at the front of the desk so getting the desk level so that we wouldn't have blurring was another challenge.
It didn't take long and we were up and running.

The last book we did before we left the Courthouse was the most interesting and the one we had been waiting to do with much anticipation.  It was the very first court record of the Northwest Territory.  In that book they made their own laws for the Territory.  I was especially impressed with this law which is the last one in the section of Laws and Punishments.
It doesn't have a punishment attached to it but is more of a standard or expectation of behavior and it shows the respect
reverence these men, fresh from war had for God.  I love the words they use in connection with God.  I hope you can enlarge it enough to read it. It also expresses their expectation of parent to teach their children. If you can't read it, email me and I will send you a transcription.
We love you so much and hope you are all well. We are
doing great and love our mission! We miss you but appreciate so much your love and support! Your prayers for us mean so much!!!!