Saturday, February 21, 2015

Cold and Flu, Blessings and Tender Mercies

10:00 am Saturday  forcast is to snow all day
Came home and hung up my coat and the whole rod fell.

The last two weeks have been full of trials and tender mercies.  David has had the flu and with his diabetes, when he gets sick he really gets sick! It hit him hard after church on Sunday two weeks ago.  I called our new Supervisor, Chuck to see if I could work on my own at the Library and He said I could make the call.  So Monday Tuesday and Wednesday I worked on my own.  Monday evening the Elders stopped by our house and gave David a blessing telling him he would get well and telling me I wouldn't get sick.(What a great blessing! and I haven't gotten sick!) On Thursday David was feeling a lot better although he was still coughing really bad so he came back to work, The coughing didn't improve much and by the next Thursday I sent him home again just after lunch and worked alone again the rest of the day and on Friday also.  Friday evening he went to the Doctor and it turned out he had developed a bad sinus infection so now he is on an antibiotic.
By working so much on my own I have re-started my corporal tunnel problem.  When we got up this morning my intention was to go to Walmart and get a wrist brace to help me with the pain but when I opened the door I could see leaving the house today would be unwise,  That's when David told me he had a wrist brace for corporal tunnel that he had brought with him. (tender mercy) It was just exactly what I needed! I had no idea he even had one.
As I think about it I am amazed at how well we have come through this.  The work has gone forth with very little slow down in production, Although David has had the flu it has been much milder than what he normally experiences, and even though I have had to work straight through the days which has brought on the corporal tunnel, the brace was right here at the house to help me when I would need it.  That's pretty cool!
We are on 1881 now in the Tax Records so we only have less than 20 years left out of the 50. We're doing two years a day usually.  There are three books per year.  It seems like we just started and we are over half done.  It looks like we will go back to the Courthouse for a short period before moving to Vinton County.
Church is cancelled in Spencer for the second week in a row.  With roads so treacherous and people driving such long distances to church it is sometimes best to cancel.  We will go to church in Marietta again and we certainly enjoy that opportunity.  The Saints here are so wonderful!  We've learned to love them so much!
Thank you for all of your prayers! We love you and miss you so much!  We are so thankful that we get to be out here on a mission an we know we couldn't do it without your love and support!  It's not hard to serve the Lord! It's WONDERFUL! Even when there's adversity!We love the Savior and Heavenly Father so very much! Serving them is a great opportunity and blessing!

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