Thursday, January 1, 2015

Christmas in Ohio and Back to the Big Books

 We had a busy and great Christmas here in the Mission!  This picture was at the Branch Christmas party in Spencer.  It was a great success with the members bringing almost double their numbers in nonmembers.  The Branch Presidency cooked the meal and it was fantastic! They cooked so much food we had it again the next day after church for "Linger Longer" and it was just as good the second day!  The next week we saw the Mission President at the Stake Christmas Devotional and he told us he was seriously thinking of putting full time missionaries in Spencer.  That was exciting news!
On Christmas Eve we were invited to the Grammer's along with the Elders. Brother Grammer got out their nativity set while Elder Numbers read from Luke chapter 2.  It was so fun to be with their family and enjoy all of their grandchildren when we were missing ours so badly. On the Saturday after Christmas the Grammers took all of their grandchildren over 12 to the temple to do baptisms.  We've been so blessed to rub shoulders with them!
When we returned to the courthouse after the Thanksgiving break and greeted the sweet lady in the "Child Support" area (Missy) that always unlocks the door to let us into our work area, we could tell she wasn't he usual cheerful self.  Come to find out her ailing parents had taken a turn for the worse over Thanksgiving and both of them were not expected to live much longer. She has always been the primary caregiver for them and we have had many conversations about how they were doing.  When we heard this bad news David and I decided to do the Twelve Days of Christmas for Missy to try to lift her heart a little. This picture is some of that line of those twelve days of gifts. They were pretty simple but we hope she knew someone loved her.
On the 29th of December we finished the Divorce records and started the big books again.  The Soldier's Burial records were first and only took a half a day. Then there were just a few Records of Wills, which we also finished.  Now we have started a 26 volume project of Probate Accounting Records. I expect that will take about a week. After that there are some birth records and some Land Records. Then, unless more gets approved at the courthouse, we will be going to the Genealogy Library.  We do expect more to get approved, however.  When we finish everything in Marietta we already have orders to do work in Vinton County, 80 mile west of here.  We'll learn more about that next week when our supervisor comes to visit.
We hope you are all doing well!  We love you and miss you!  We wish you the best New Year!

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  1. Miss you guys so much!!! Thank you for being such great examples for all of us, though.