Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Working away

David is getting pretty good at ironing paper!  He's ironed thousands of sheets of paper now and so have I.  If they don't lay perfectly flat when we capture them we will get blurring so while one of us is on camera the other is ironing.  So far we haven't gotten any of the divorce records back as re-work!   I'm sure we will but so far so good! We've done 7 out of 45 of the big white boxes so far.

Some of the stories are so sad and others a a little humorous.  One case I had to chuckle at a little was a couple in 1926, if I remember right.  They had both pulled guns on each other and shot at each other bringing the police into their domestic disputes.  The judge ruling in the divorce told them that they were both such horrible people that neither one of them deserved a divorce and the only reason he was granting the divorce to them was because together they were a hazard to not only the police but the entire community and only because of that it was better to separate them. He told them his worst fear was that they would just marry other people and that would just magnify the problem.  What a laugh!  We're so used to all divorces being granted today, but back then many divorces were denied.
Another divorce that was unusual was a couple with 13 children.  The husband left his wife and kids to take off with another woman.  What I hadn't seen before is this guy was at least nice enough to sign over the farm to his wife before he left. This one was also in the 1920's.

Alcohol is a factor in at least 90% of the divorces.  Men beating their wives is predominant in the cases before World War II and again about 10 years after World War II but during World War II and for about 10 years after there is a complete change.  During those years it is the women who are awful. During those years the divorces are over unfaithful wives, especially the wives of the servicemen. Women even abandon their children for affairs with men other than their husbands. I wonder what it was about the war that made them so crazy?

I sure feel the urgency of the work we are doing.  It's like I feel the spirits of these people standing behind me saying, "Go faster, go faster!"  It drives me crazy if we are a few minutes late getting to the courthouse to get to work.  And I'm pretty sure we're usually the last ones to leave. David calls me a 'workaholic' but it's just the urgency I feel of this work.  The days go by in a flash.  I can't believe we've already been out almost 6 months.

The Spencer Branch is on fire!  They are doing so great and we are so proud of how they are taking ownership of their branch and working to make it grow.

We love you all so much! We miss you and hope you are doing well.  We know the Savior truly lives and knows each one of us by name and wants nothing more than for us to know him.  He loves us so much!

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