Monday, October 20, 2014

The Miracle Book

I couldn't help but be amazed when I digitized this book.  It is the most damaged book I have done so far although a few others have been close.  Some of these Quadrennial Enumerations, which are similar to census records, have been exposed to water at some point and have water and mold damage. This one has holes where the mold is that go deep into the book.  The first few pages were stuck together and I had to try to gently separate them.  One of the amazing things is that the pages that were stuck together and tore when I tried to separate them were the blank pages between the letters A and B,  The pages with writing on them remained remarkably legible with very few names destroyed. Pages A and B were in the worst condition.  The rest of the book was entirely legible although every page was water damaged. The back cover looks almost as bad as the front cover. I was in awe that so many of these names had somehow been preserved until we could digitize them.  Surely Heavenly Father's protective care had been with these books until they could be preserved.

 This is one of the small books of the Quadriennial Enumerations.  All of "QE's" are under 30 pages so these are quite a change from the big books we have been doing that we can only lift one at a time.  They take a lot longer to do per page than the big books.  We're going really fast if we get four of these done an hour.
Unless Brother Grammer has some more we don't know about we should finish the QE's in the next day or two.

We almost have all of the divorce packets in the folders now and we have three boxes ironed and two weeks ago we digitized the first box of divorce folders.  We should have the audit back on that box this week and that will tell us if we did it right or not.  I expect we will start on them again the day after tomorrow.
The fall colors are at their peak and the leaves are falling to the ground.  The weather is starting to turn colder but not too bad.  It doesn't sound like winters here are quite as bad as Utah winters except Marietta has more black ice.
When we drive to Spencer on Sundays we go through a town named Ripley.  In the downtown area the lamp posts are decorated for Halloween.  It's really fun!
The Spencer Branch was reorganized the week before last.  President Offenberger was released and for the first time in many, many, years the Spencer Branch is standing on it's own with a local Branch President,  We are so excited!  Already the new Branch President is doing a great job.  He met  with us on Sunday after church and he has 3 great goals and is "In Action".  We can see the Spencer Branch really taking off now!
We sure would love to hear from each of you!  We miss you all so much!  We're doing our best to move the work forward here.  We know it is the Lord's work and it is so great to be a part of it.  What is certain is that Heavenly Father knows each one of His children by name and each one is incredibly important to Him; so important that he preserves individual names a little moldy book in the attic of a courthouse in Marietta, Ohio.  Keep the faith!  Never give up!  We love you so much!

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Back Up and Running

 I don't know if you would notice the difference in the picture but we have a completely new set up for digitizing.  If you go back and look at the last picture of David working you will see the changes.  Instead of three separate spotlights on each side we have the solid fluorescent strip lights on each side.  The monitor is hung right in front of us instead of over to the side.  The camera reaches out to the front a lot further than the old one did.
The change over presented a number of problems and we had 2 1/2 days of down time resolving them but we are up and running again and the changes are great! Twice Salt Lake had needed things to us overnight!  It was amazing.  Tony in camera repair could look at pictures from my phone or take over our computer and figure out how to resolve our problems. So even though David and I are totally technology illiterate we are not alone out here.  The support is truly amazing!
 Even though we had down time on the camera we were still working hard on the divorce packets.  On the right are the boxes of court cases we pul the divorce packets from.  In the later years they are color coded as you see in this box.  The divorce packets are green.  the red packets are cases where the State of Ohio is the plaintiff.  The brown packets are other common pleas.  In the earlier years they aren't color coded and we have to look much closer to find all the divorce cases.  Each row in the white box is considered a "box" and has a number.  The packets are pulled from the original white box, the envelope is stapled to the front of a green legal-sized folder and the contents flattened by back folding and put inside.  Once we have done that with all 80,000 packets we will go back through them and iron them to get them flat enough to capture. Yes it is a lot of work!
The leaves are really starting to turn now.  We don't go to Spencer this weekend because of conference but by the next weekend I expect we will probably see a big change.  They say the temperature will drop considerably this weekend.  I'm sure not ready for winter so I hope it's not too much.

We've been working really hard this week to catch up on all of our re-work from the blurring and hopefully we will finish that tomorrow and that will be the end of it.  We sure hope it  is anyway.  It sure has been discouraging.
Between that and David beating me mercilessly at canasta it's been pretty rough.

We're excited for the conference, we just can't wait! We love you all so much!