Sunday, September 21, 2014

Paw Paws

     We experienced another first!  Paw Paws!  The Grammers have paw paw trees in their yard and brought us paw paws to try.  The ones you see in the picture that are pretty and green are NOT ripe and ready to eat.  When they are almost black and super soft they are ready to eat.  They have black seeds  in the middle and are somewhat banana-like in flavor and very sweet.  If you try to eat one before it is ripe it is very bitter. They are custard-like in texture so you couldn't be cut up and put in jello or anything like that.  They're just "finger-lickin" good.

     This is a game I made up to teach my Sunday School class on Standing in Holy Places from Isaiah.  I actually had two boys in my class that day instead of the usual one.  The less active boy that came said the closing prayer and said, "Thank you for the time going fast."  I had to laugh!
     We had the Elders to dinner on Friday and I fed them the Favorite Family Recipes Zupa Tuscana and cheese biscuits.  Boy did they ever wolf it down! The Elder in the front on the left is Elder Rose.  He is Dave Rose's (BYU basketball coach) nephew. He and Elder Numbers (far right) are both first week out in the mission field.
We appreciate them so much!  They give us more help up at the courthouse than anyone else. Each set of Elders usually come to help us twice a week.
     We have experienced more frustration with blurring.  It looks like our blurring problem has actually been a constant since we started but it just depends on the auditor whether or not our work passes or fails.  When we got our audit back last week we looked at each failed image and the blurring was consistently 1 pixel to the left.  It couldn't even be seen until magnified to 1600X.  We've been in touch with camera repair in Salt Lake trying to figure out the reason for
the problem.  They had us put a level on the table and the table was level then they had us put a level on the camera and it was way off of level.  So David spent most of the day Friday trying to get the camera level and hopefully that will fix the problem.  It has been hard not to feel terribly discouraged.
     The picture doesn't show it very well but we are starting to see more leaves turning.  They tell us we will see dark red some day and it will be gorgeous.  What we have seen in our own yard is when they turn red they fall to the ground.
We love and miss you all so very much!  We need your prayers!  They do make a difference.  We pray for you, too.  We, like Brighton, know that God is real.  We see His tender mercies on a daily basis and we are so grateful!  As we go with the missionaries to teach others it is so hard to understand why they don't just jump at the chance to embrace the gospel.  We want so bad to give them what we have.

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  1. I wish there were something I could do to ease your discouragement. Just know that we love so so very much. Also, I have found that when I am discouraged is when I am finally doing something right. Love you.