Thursday, September 11, 2014

Cleveland and Kirtland

Grandstand at Sternwheeler Festival

Festival fireworks

This painting is in the visitors center in

This is the original manuscript
of the Word of Wisdom on
display in Kirtland
David, Karen & Dan & Carolyn
Grammer at the Whitney Store

Site of Issac Moreley's school house
where God the Father and Jesus
Christ appeared
Kirtland Temple

David & Karen on front steps
of  Kirtland Temple
Sister Brumsfield, Dan, David & Carolyn
in one of the courtrooms
in the Cleveland Courthouse
One of the courtrooms in
the Cleveland

Main entrance hall at
Cleveland courthouse
What a crazy busy week!  The Sternwheeler Festival was great but all we really saw was the fireworks.  We did see a lot of sternwheelers but we didn't see them race.  The Elders called and needed help with their service project parking cars in Harmer Village so we did that most of the afternoon and finished in time for the fireworks.  The fireworks were the best we'd ever seen! Of course, the water just magnifies the effect.

Lady Liberty stained glass
window in Cleveland
Monday we went with the Grammers to Cleveland and learned how to do the divorce records we will be starting soon.  That was a big help and I feel pretty confident now about starting that project.  Prep will definitely be a lot of work but your prayers we asked for have been helping and the Marietta ward members have been back helping.  One of the sisters in the Ward got up and bore her testimony on Sunday and said that one of her ancestors that she has been looking for for many years just showed up in a newly released record from the Washington County Courthouse that we had just digitized.  She didn't know this relative had lived here and hadn't looked here but because of our work here she had found this relative.  Hooray!  Suddenly we have help again!

Kirtland was wonderful!  Our favorite was the Issac Morley farm.  I learned so much about Issac Morley I didn't know before.  I'd love to find a biography of him to read.  What an incredible man! (and his wife couldn"t have been one whit behind him)  Walking his farm was walking on holy ground!

Our excitement last week was that we placed a Book of Mormon!  Judge Williams and his assistant, Rae, brought us up some cinnamon rolls and while they were talking to us Judge Williams mentioned that there was coffee downstairs we could help ourselves to.  When we politely told him we don't drink coffee it perked Rae's interest.  She went home and talked to her brother in Virginia about it and came back the next day and asked us for a Book of Mormon and said she would like to read it.  We aren't allowed to proselyte at the courthouse so we will just have to wait and see if anything comes of it.
More excitement is we are getting a new bed tomorrow!  The mattress we have had has been, to put it nicely, a pain in the back!  At church last Sunday the couple from the mission office came to Spencer (they are going to be joining us until the first snow flies).  I don't remember how the subject of the bed came up but she told me we don't have to sleep on a bad mattress and she would start proceedings first thing Monday to get us a new mattress.  How lucky was that?  That must be more of your prayers for us answered, too!  Tender mercies are raining down on us like crazy!  Thank you!

We love and miss you so much!  We hope you are doing well!  We hope our prayers for you are being answered, too!


  1. Love seeing the pictures. Especially the ones with you both in them. Miss and love you both. XOXOXO

  2. Wow! Just looking at the pictures of Kirkland give me chills. The warms fuzzy kind! I would love to go to that area someday and visit all the historical sites where Jesus Christ's church was formed and brought back to this earth. I know it's strange but when I was going through some difficult times I found strength in Orson Pratt & felt like he was helping me. I am so grateful for families. I love you Mom, I love you David. I will continue to pray for you. xoxo