Monday, August 25, 2014

Service Project

This was our service project Saturday repairing this tennis court on Harmer Hill.  Most of us were on our hands and knees sealing the cracks in the surface of the court.  That's David in the center staining the table under the awning.  We started at 9:00 am and it was 90 degrees pretty fast.  I spent the whole time on my knees and by the time we finished I remembered how really "old" I am. 

These are our wonderful Elders giving us service at the Courthouse.  They have been coming at least once a week lately and we really appreciate it!   They leave with sweat pouring down their faces and filthy dirty. They are (left to right) Elder Streeter, Elder Cox, Elder Mitchell, & Elder Leo.  We love them so much!
Elder Cox and Elder Streeter visiting with David after slaving in the book rooms.

We've only got about two more days of work before we start the divorce records project.  We are so glad that our supervisor from Quebec is coming on Wednesday to work with us just in time before we have to start it. It is so huge and we haven't done anything like it yet so we are unsure how to do it.  There are 80,000 records to be done and each record has many pages to be digitized. This project isn't in books, each record is in a separate file folder.
 Also, this week we get a visitor from Salt Lake.  There is a "Justice Conference" in Columbus on Thursday and Friday that is really important and exciting for our work.  This is where the church gets a chance to present to the Judges throughout the State the opportunity to have missionaries like  us come in and digitize their records in their courthouses. The Grammers that work with us and Brother DeJong that is coming from Salt Lake will have a booth there hoping to be able to interest some of the Judges in the digitizing program.  It's such a "win-win" program.
The work is truly hastening!  It's so exciting to be a part of it!  We love what we are doing!  It is so great to be a part of this great church and to have the gospel in our lives.  The Saints out here are amazing!  One elderly sister in Spencer drives 45 minutes every Sunday to come to church to meet with only a handful of members.  She's never had the opportunity to marry or have a family but her testimony is on fire!  What an inspiration she is!  We love you so much and hope you are all well!  


  1. It sounds so fun, but like a lot of hard work. --Bart Kowallis

  2. Hey did the tea tree oil & warm wash cloths work on your knees at all? I hope so. Seeing the picture I feel even worse for your poor hands and knees on that surface all day in that heat. I don't know how you did it but I am sure it was much appreciated. I hope it was. I love you guys so much. Having a hard time finding you in the 3 seconds they flash the whole United States on the weather so I can figure out if you are in a record heat or a monsoon, or my big fear of tornadoes. It would probably be easier to just ask but I don't know the rules...can we call you? Text? There's talk of everyone coming out next Summer. (maybe I wasn't supposed to say anything) Well, I love you tons & tons. You are my heroes.