Monday, August 4, 2014

Back to Spencer

 Well after two weeks of being traveling Sacrament meeting speakers we're back at the Spencer Branch.  We thought we'd share the beautiful 80+ drive to Spencer.  The first 50 miles are on the freeway but a little before we turn off on Highway 33 we see this house on top of the hill to the left of the freeway.  I'm sure the view is fantastic up there but I don't think I'd want to be there during the thunder storms we have here.
Once you turn off the freeway onto highway 33 it's hills and curves for 30 miles.  I've got to remember the Dramamine next week.  The countryside is beautiful as you can see.  Don't you love the covered bridge on this farm?  Its hard to see from a distance but there are wild flowers everywhere.  The homes along the way are adorned with so many flowers.  Most of them look like they are from fifty years back in time.  A good example is the fire truck.  It really fits right in with a lot of what we see although the towns, I'm sure do have up to date equipment.
The Church house is very small and doesn't have a formal chapel.  Sacrament meeting is held in a central room as is the adult Sunday School class.  There are a few classrooms around the parameter where the classrooms and Bishops office and kitchen are.  It does have an organ and it has built in electronics that will play the prelude music without an organist but there is a sister who plays the organ for Sacrament Meeting.  Since there are only about 12 in attendance including the children that's pretty fortunate.
At the courthouse productivity has seriously slowed down.  We are doing marriage records now and we run into a lot of attachments.  The picture on the right shows a page with two attachments.  Some have four.  In some of the books the pages have been in plastic sleeves so we have had to take the pages out of the sleeves to open up the attachments to photograph them.  Where we used to do seven books as day, now we are lucky to get three done.  Some of the books have been bound so tight we have had to take them apart and photograph them out of the binding.  That's very slow.  The attachments are all for marriages of minors requiring parental consent or marriages where the woman is pregnant and a letter is required.  In such cases, where the father is a minor, the father always becomes an award of the court until he is 21.  How interesting is that?
At the rate we are going it will take us a month to finish the marriage records.  Maybe not, after 3 more books the books get much smaller, so we'll see.
By the way, Issac is still going to church!  (Without us, since we are going to Spencer) The Elders say it is going well.  We love you and miss you!  We hope you are all doing well!

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  1. I love the covered bridge. It all looks so beautiful. Love and miss you both :)