Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Week of Changes

 Hello to everyone!  It's been quite a week here in Marietta for us!  We haven't taken many pictures but have a few interesting pages from the turn of the century.  These pages are from 1899.  The first one shows court costs.  The second one shows the cost of lumber and the third one shows the cost of basic food & household commodities.  One hundred and fifteen years makes quite a difference!
We had a really good week with capturing records right up until Friday. We have worked up to where we are doing about seven books a day now.  David has learned to not take "selfies" (pictures of his hands) and we've been moving along at a pretty good clip. Then on Friday our supervisor selected us as one of five couples to test the newest version of "dCam", the software program we use for capturing.  The good news was that Michael Benson from Salt Lake was visiting that morning so when there were problems with the download he was able to help. Even so we lost most of the day to the downloading and installation of the the new software. Instead of getting seven books done on Friday we got two done.  That was frustrating!
Michael was able to take a good look at the records available in the courthouse and found a treasure of marriage records we may get authorization to preserve.  They will be a lot of work, however because they are not in books, they are on 4x6 cards.  It would take 18 months just to do those.
We have another week of work on the 4th floor of the Courthouse and then we will be moving to the second floor to start the probate records.  We dread moving the whole camera set up but it will be a much nicer area in which to be working.

A different Judge, Judge Williams is over this area and he has personally built this area for us including finishing the floors himself. (I can't believe how personally into this work they all are and how excited they are to have us here!) He has had shelving built all around the circumference of the room to hold the books.  Inmates are coming tomorrow to move the books into the room  
so that we don't have to go up and down any stairs to get them and return them.  I'm not sure any other records preservation specialists have it so good! I'm amazed! And grateful!
More Changes...On Saturday evening our new Mission President called and asked us if we would work with the Spencer Branch.  Some of the Elders we have been working with here have been going out to Spencer trying to "keep it alive".  They have loved going to Spencer.  It is very "back woods".  The Branch President is "drafted" from our ward  and lives 2 blocks from us.  He is wonderful!  His two counselors are great also but if you saw them you would think they were from "Duck Dynasty".  Spencer is an hour and a half drive from here and we will go every Sunday and do as much as we can.  I think it will be a challenge since we have so little time to give it and it is so far away.  We will do our best.  We hope you all have a good week!  We love you and miss you!

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  1. Happy, happy, happy! Sounds like Spencer will be worth the trouble. Love & miss you two!!!