Sunday, July 6, 2014

Fourth of July in Marietta

 Hello to all of our wonderful friends and family!  We hope you had a great Fourth of July.
Surprisingly, in Marietta where the history is so rich, the Fourth of July is fairly low key.  We did attend the parade.  It lasted about 20 minutes and there were no floats whatsoever. There was a band or two in the parade, but  mostly cars, politicians, firetrucks, and a couple of horses. We did enjoy it, however.
Every year on Fourth of July weekend, this huge river boat comes through Marietta,  It's like a cruise ship only on the Ohio.  It goes from New Orleans up to Pittsburgh.  It docks at Marietta for just a few hours.
 This cute little walkway goes along the Ohio River in the downtown area of Marietta.  A little further down the path it turns into a paved bike path much like the one that goes up Provo Canyon. This is one of our favorite places. I think water is a bit of a magnet to all of us with Kidman blood in us.

 This side of the river, of course, is Marietta. The other side of the river is Williamstown.  Both are in our ward. We have two sets of Missionaries in our ward and one is in Marietta and the other is in Williamstown.  We have been going on teaching appointments with both sets of missionaries.Wednesday this week we went with the Marietta missionaries  and the Williamstown missionaries on Thursday.  We have an appointment this coming Friday to teach a lesson in Williamstown on Family History. We love going with the Elders.  They are so amazing!

Some of you have  asked for pictures of some of the houses in the area.  This one is a block and a half from our house.  It's hard to take pictures of the houses on our street because they are so close together but this one is on the corner on our way to the Courthouse.  It is typical of the time period of most of the houses but grander than most, although there are many grand houses.  Most of the houses have front porches, which I love.  My favorite are the rounded porches like you see in this one.  Wouldn't it be fun to live in a house like this?  At least after you updated all the plumbing and electrical, anyway.($$$$).  Houses are cheap here, though.  The house we live in would probably sell for less than $60,000.  The house the Elders live in they swear is haunted.  They say they hear voices and doors open they haven't opened, etc.  They blessed the house but it hasn't helped, they tell us. With houses this old I can't say I'm really surprised there are spirits that don't want to leave them.  We just need to get their work done for them.

I'd never seen hostas bloom before I came here.  They're in bloom everywhere.  The other thing we'd never seen before is lightning bugs.  We saw them for the first time Thursday night.  They were like mini fireworks.  We haven't seen them in mass like that again but the temperatures have been cooler so we're wondering if the days need to be warmer for the lightening bugs to be out at night.  Next time we see a bunch of them together we'll try to take a picture.
We get a visitor from Salt Lake Family Search this Friday and we are so excited!  We hope he can help us with our focusing problem.  We haven't had any more books come back for focus problems but we have had re-work for blurring.  Blurring happens when the page is moving when the picture is taken, We're trying to figure that one out.
We miss and love everyone! We hope you are all doing well.  We'd love to hear from you!


  1. Lightning bugs are fascinating. I first saw them in Nauvoo. How is the humidity in Marietta now?

    1. The humidity is high but doesn't really bother me very much yet because the temperatures have been quite moderate. Later in July and August may be more of a problem but Utah is miserable in July and August also so I might as well be here, right?

  2. love you guys