Monday, July 21, 2014

First Baptism

 This is the Shultz family.  They were baptized on Friday.  We got to help teach them.  They are so sweet and wonderful! Amanda is expecting #3 and just can't wait to be sealed to Travis! We work with Elder Tulles and Elder Mitchel quite a bit.  They are the Williamstown missionaries.  Elder Tulles is from Meridian Idaho. Elder Mitchel is from Lehi.  In the picture below I think you can see they are excited about the baptism! They are hard working dedicated missionaries.  So are the Marietta missionaries.
 When we came home from an appointment with Elder Tulles and Elder Mitchel last week our neighbor behind us, Issac, was in his lawn chair in the back yard as he often is.  We always chat with Issac when he is in the back yard when we come home and have a great time with him.  He is in his late 20's I think and is blind. We have become good friends.  When we first met Issac he told us he didn't want anything to do with religion. But when we came home with the missionaries they entered into the banter and the Elders asked if he would like to have the missionaries visit with him he said yes! We don't live in the area that the Williamstown missionaries cover so we had to set it up with the Marietta missionaries.  Then he hugged us and hugged us! Wow! are we ever excited!  The Marietta missionaries did meet with him and he has agreed to come to church. Yahoo!  We're setting up a time for the Elders and Issac to come over for dinner this week but I'm waiting to hear back what night that will be.

                                      This last weekend was the "Corn Festival" in Marietta.  Almost every weekend through July and August there is some kind of celebration.  Front Street parallels the Muskingam  River and between the street and the river is this park where most of the celebrations are held. Right now there is even a little "Shakespearean Festival" going on.  We went down to check out the corn and the Corn Festival and there were a lot of fun things going on.  There are always bands playing and games.  One of the games they play a lot here is "corn hole" which is a cross between bean bag and horse shoes.                      
On Sunday we spoke at the Ravenswood Branch.  It is very small but we were lucky enough to speak on the Sunday they have their "Linger Longer" which here is a full-on buffet and boy is it good food!  Next week we speak in Marietta then its back to the Spencer Branch.
We met the new Mission President on Saturday and they are trying to get some full-time missionaries into Spencer but it will take 3-4 weeks.  So we are a little relieved we won't have to make that 90 minute (each way) drive every week for very long.
We are working hard and last week captured 22,000 images, and had a perfect audit! Yahoo! We were promised we would feel angels working with us and that is happening. This is the Lord's work and it is so exciting to be a part of it. We love you and miss you!   It would be so great to hear from you!  We appreciate your comments, they make us feel like we are still in touch. Letters would be great, too! Thank you for all your prayers, they mean so much to us!


  1. Elder Tulles is from Meridian? I wonder if he lives in our stake?ask hi where he lives. I will share the cute pictures with his parents. How fun is that! Doing this mission is the best thing you will ever do. You must be really tired by the end of the day. Good work! We love you guys.

  2. I am so happy for you guys! We miss you so much & think of you every day but we would never take you from what you are doing. I wish I was there. It looks so beautiful! I loved the picture of that brick home you posted! Ahh, I would love to live in one of those old homes. I love the story of Issac. Keep me posted about him. What a great & marvelous thing to happen, although I can't for a moment say I'm surprised. Love to you guys from all of us, Steve, Mic, Simon, Sasha & Tristan

  3. Sounds like a fun town. I love all the pictures. The corn looks yummy. We all love and miss you too. Jeff just informed me that you are on tornado watch. Be safe. Be careful. ♡

  4. We are thrilled with those things you are writing about. We are surprized that you are able to do so much. It is so interesting to here the prices of things in the 1800's. I can remember my dad saying go easy on the butter, it is 40 cents a pound. We didn't get corn here until after July 4th. We have bought it 3 times now. What does the corn taste like there? Did you get the letter I sent earlier. Do we have your correct postal address?
    We love you. Keep up the good work.