Thursday, June 5, 2014

Getting Started in Marietta

This is our kitchen. It is quite large and one wall is all windows.  The little doorway you see between the stove and the fridge goes into a small laundry room.  The cupboards you see is all there are so we use a small cupboard in the laundry room for extra pantry.  Every room in the house has lots of windows to see the forest of trees all around us.  The streets are lined with historic homes.  Just a few blocks from our house is the Mound Cemetery with the Hopewell Mound in the center.  It's just there with no explanation of it or information about it.  It's kind of sad that anyone visiting would have no idea the significance or history of it.

Above is the Courthouse where we are working.  Judge Lane is the Judge there that brought us here.  Our first day here he gave us a tour of the building.  He showed us one of the courtrooms where there are "Coat of Arms" type of decor honoring six of the Revolutionary War Generals wallpapered around the ceiling.  He told us the stories of each of them and how their individual heroic contributions to the war are responsible for our freedom today. They were amazing stories that I need to get in writing to keep and share.

You can see David here is doing the preservation work we were sent here to do.  It may not look like hard work, but it is,  We go home every day achy and tired, but anxious to come back and get started the next day. There are 11 rooms full of books like the room at the bottom of the page.  Then, a few blocks
away there is a genealogy library that has work they want us to do.  In addition to that several churches here have heard about us and want us to preserve their records, too.  (Are you catching a vision of "hastening the work")

Our first book we preserved here was a book of common pleas.  In it a group of people in 1852 were indicted for playing cards! (You better watch out, Grandma!)

We love you and miss you all and pray for you daily.  We hope all is well with each
of you.  We won't have internet at our house for another week but can use the WiFi at the courthouse during the day. We feel so blessed that the Lord has brought us here at this time and are so grateful for your support!  This is an incredible work!!!!!


  1. The house is so cute! Miss you both:-)

  2. It sounds like fun! Old books, courthouses, and libraries sounds like it's right up my alley. --Bart Kowallis

  3. I'd love to see the library and the courthouse! Proud of you guys!